Background of 'From the Waters'

Massage trainings beginning year 1999:

  • Association of Holistic Therapy of Ireland
  • The World School of Massage, San Francisco
  • The Institute of Conscious Bodywork, Marin, CA

Doula trainings beginning year 2001:

  • Birth doula training with Judith Koch (DONA educator)
  • Postpartum doula training at Natural Resources, San Francisco
  • Childbirth International advanced workshop
  • Lactation Eduactor with Evergreen Perinatal Education

Infant massage beginning year 2005:

  • Healthy Family Living, Sonoma, CA
  • Baby Massage Ireland (IAIM)

Affiliated organizations:

  • Full member of the Irish Massage Therapist Association (IMTA)
  • Secretary of the Doula Association of Ireland
  • Baby Massage Ireland member


  • Yoga particularly Iyengar Yoga
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Diploma in Environmental Resources Management, DIT