Benefits of doula support

  • Shortens length of labor
  • Less medical interventions e.g. epidurals, IV pitocin, forceps, episiotomy
  • Reduces the cesarean rate
  • More satisfaction with care and respect during birth experience
  • More satisfaction with partner/ husband
  • Less anxiety and postpartum depression
  • Likely success establishing breastfeeding
  • Greater sense of accomplishment in taking an active role

  • “All women should have support through labour and birth” ..…says the latest research on continuous on-to-one support.
    Greatest benefits occurred when:

  • Support person was not a member of hospital staff
  • Support began early in labor
  • Epidural analgesia was not routinely available

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Studies show that 7% to 12% of nurses time is spent in supportive activities

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Research on Doula Support