Birth stories

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Riley's arrival by hypnobirthing

Our baby boy, Riley, was born on sept 27th. He came in weighing 6 pounds and 2 ounces. Although I wasnít the Hypnobirthing mama who ... read the full story

Vivi's birth on the full-moon

7.10am Doula Germaine gets a phone call from Charley. Contractions began around 2am that morning interrupting Charley’s sleep. Now the surges are coming 10-20 minutes apart. .... read the full story

The day Lucius was born from his Dad's perspective

Iíll do my best to give you a play by play of Luciusís birth. A few of the more graphic details have been omitted to protect the innocent but overall I think. .... read the full story

Aiden is born at home

I have to share my miraculous birth story! My second son, Aiden, was born at home on May 10 in a 3 hour labor with almost no pain .... read the full story

Avila's birth

Avila, named for the beautiful mountain that lives between Caracas and the Caribbean, was born on Tuesday, November 21st just after noon. .... read the full story