Birth with a Doula

In preparation for labour, Germaine supports her pregnant clients by phone and email contact in addition to three scheduled in-home prenatal visits. She gets to know her client’s preferences and offers:

  • information about nutrition, herbal remedies or other holistic therapies
  • access to evidence based research on childbirth
  • resources for newborn care including breastfeeding and monthly support groups
  • natural labour coping techniques such as position changes, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, visualizations and massage.

The partner, with the doulas support, is able to participate at whatever level feels natural, without expectation or anxiety. A husband or relative who plans to be actively involved is relieved to have a doula in the background, lending her experience and encouragement.

Germaine provides physical and emotional support from early labor when women may be sent home from hospital. Labouring women feel comforted and reassured by the continuous presence of a doula at their side. Once the baby is born, Germaine provides additional in-home care in the days following the birth.