Birth community

Germaine welcomes contact from physicians, midwives, or any health care practitioner who have any questions about her practice. Contact her to talk about creating a referral relationship.

Volunteering for teenagers

Teen pregnancy can be overwhelming by its effects on family life, relationships and selfesteem. Germaine offers her doula services to teens free-of-charge. Teenagers joining Germaine’s infant massage classes receive a 50% discount.

Mentoring for Doulas

Germaine is a committee member of the Doula Association of Ireland (DAI). The DAI is a not-for-profit organization that promotes, develops and supports doulas and the doula profession. The association offers a mentoring programme for training doulas, for example; attend a birth observing or ‘shadowing’ Germaine.

Fourth trimester

After the baby is born Germaine hosts an informal get-together for her clients. This once-a-month event provides a space for moms and dads to share their experiences and build their parenting community. Tea, coffee and snacks are provided. Discussions include; breastfeeding, introducing solids/ bottles, going back-to-work, pelvic floor toning and exercises.