Germaine's approach

Doulas are a wonderful addition to the birth team and offer continuity of care from pregnancy through birth and beyond. Germaine’s role as a doula is non-medical; rather she will focus on the emotional and physical needs of new mothers and their families.

Clients relax knowing that Germaine will be on-call in the weeks surrounding their duedate. She develops a close working relationship with their clients will stay by the mother side through various staff changes at hospitals. She offers a wide range of coping techniques and works in tandem with the partner/father for the entirety of labour and delivery.

Once her clients are back at home with the newborn Germaine offers postpartum care for the first few days or weeks. Germaine visits the mother at home and provides companionship, expertise and practical help. Postpartum doula support may be separate to or part-of a birth doula package.