Infant massage instruction

Group classes are ideal for learning infant massage. Over five sessions, babies get accustomed to the massage sequence and parents have a chance to practice at-home. Germaine weaves her teaching around attentive babies, fussy babies, hungry babies and sleeping babies. Everybody is learning and Germaine allows time for discussions and mutual support.

Props and cushions are provided to help parents and babies stay comfortable when sitting on the floor. It is recommended to wear layers of light clothing, as the room will be heated for baby’s comfort. Parents receive a bottle of suitable massage oil and handouts containing the massage sequence and related articles.

With practice, parents discover the best time of day for sharing the massage and learn ways to make ‘massage time’ a family ritual. It can be surprising to discover that babies carry tension too! While infants and children of every age benefit from infant massage, the best time to start is with a pre-crawling baby.

Benefits of Infant Massage

Research on Infant Massage