Infant massage

Touch is the most developed sense at birth and babies thrive on being held and touched. Spending quality time massaging an infant creates happy memories and reminds us to slow down and enjoy our babies while they’re small.

Infant massage is best practiced between parent and baby and lays a foundation of trust, intimacy and loving relationships – right from the start. Parents often instinctively touch and massage their newborn baby and then attend classes to learn new techniques as the baby grows.

With Germaine’s instruction parents learn new hands-on tools to;

  • promote bonding and attachment
  • read baby’s particular non-verbal language or ‘cues’
  • build confidence in handling their baby
  • relieve wind/gas and constipation with a soothing belly massage

Babies communicate all the time, for example, breaking off eye contact when needing a break. Sometimes we can miss these subtle signals if we are not paying attention. Infant massage is time set-aside to practice listening to babies.

Benefits of Infant Massage

Research on Infant Massage