Germaine's approach

Touch, like body language, is a natural instinct. Subconsciously we touch our forehead when thinking or rub our stomach if we have indigestion. Mothers love to stroke their newborns silky hair or play with their ten toes.

Massage therapy relieves stress and improves the quality of rest and sleep for mothers-to-be. After the birth, massage will ease tired muscles and treat repetitive-strain injury from the physical demands of baby care. Infant Massage is a simple gift every parent can offer, knowing that it helps their child stay healthy and happy. Babies love having a focused and relaxed parent giving them 100% attention. Dads especially love learning new activities to share with their baby.

Nurturing touch makes us feel better instantly. It is completely natural and has no unwanted side effects for mothers and babies. Massage is becoming less of a luxury item and more of an integral part of health maintenance. Many insurance companies recognize the benefits of massage treatments and offer partial reimbursements to members.