The meaning of 'Doula'

A successful doula is comfortable with giving of herself and is not afraid to love. She can enter another’s space and be highly responsive and aware of the mother’s needs, moods, changes, and unspoken feelings. At the same time, she is able to be flexible in this process, adapting herself to each mother’s need and has no need to control or smother. 'Mothering the Mother' by Klaus et al

Doulas continue the ancient tradition of wise women supporting pregnant mothers during and after their baby’s birth. ‘Doula’ comes from the Greek word meaning woman caregiver or servant. Modern demands on our hospital staff, has given rise to the popularity of doulas.

Traditionally, continuous support was provided by midwives during labour and until the mother was strong enough to care for her newborn. Women could call on additional female helpers from the community when birthing at home. Today, the professional doula is available to mothers looking for one-to-one companionship and emotional support.

Benefits of Doula Support

Research on Doula Support