Our Practise - Doula medical info and confidentiality

Medical Info

Massage therapy and doula support is not intended as a substitute for medical care.

Inform your physician or midwife of an intention to receive massage under the following conditions:

  • A diagnosis of high-risk pregnancy by their physician for conditions such as preterm labor or pre-eclampsia.
  • History of miscarriage.
  • Confined to bed-rest during pregnancy or following cesarean delivery.

Clients agree to communicate fully with Germaine regarding their health and comfort during massage and doula services.

Germaine will inform her clients on the potential benefits of holistic therapies and herbs and direct them to further resources if desired. Prescription of herbs or medication is outside the scope of her practice.

In her role as the mothers advocate during labour Germaine will not make decisions for her clients. Germaine’s role is non-medical and she will recommend you consult with your physician for diagnosis or treatment of any disease or condition. She will not provide clinical tasks such as fetal heart tones or blood pressure checks.


All information gathered by Germaine during massage and doula services will be held in the strictest confidence. Anonymous client data may be used for statistical records or shared with the DAI (Doula Association of Ireland).