Postpartum Doula

Having adequate in-home support during the six-week ‘postpartum’ period is hugely beneficial. The new mother can easily feel overwhelmed as she recovers from the birth and takes care of her baby’s needs. As distinct from a ‘baby nurse’, a postpartum doula cares primarily for the mother and offers up-to-date information on baby care.

Germaine visits for a few hours every day allowing the new mother to rest, establish breastfeeding and focus on bonding with her baby. Services may include household chores, errands and meal preparation. Women recovering from cesareans, bringing home premature babies or twins find postpartum doula care invaluable.

With doula support, mothers quickly become confident in caring for their newborn. Breastmilk is the perfect food for babies. Most women enjoy breastfeeding once they get the hang of it and Germaine is on-hand to help with any challenges getting started.

Further Steps

Postpartum depression awareness | More Info.

The emotional adjustment to motherhood is challenging for all women. The ‘baby blues’ is considered normal and commonly affects women within the first week postdelivery. It is characterized by tearfulness, irritability, insomnia, anxiety and confusion. If symptoms last longer than two weeks and become more severe, professional help may be required. Mood disorders can occur during pregnancy, or anytime in the first year after birth, on first or subsequent babies. To learn more about postpartum depression go to or talk to your health care provider.

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