Pregnancy massage

Germaine is an experienced therapist and tailors each massage session to her client’s individual needs. She encourages using massage and other holistic disciplines to achieve optimal health and a balanced lifestyle.

Relaxation combats stress, a leading factor in common complaints such as PMS, fertility challenges, anxiety and fatigue. Massage is a great way to deeply relax while restoring the body’s natural balance and supporting the immune and hormonal systems. Taking time-out during pregnancy for a massage session benefits not only the expectant mother but also her baby.

Receiving regular massage treatments is one of the best ways to relieve pain or discomfort associated with pregnancy. Massage reduces swelling in the legs by promoting circulation. The body’s natural painkillers or ‘endorphins’ are released during massage. Massage supports recovery and healing post-birth. It clears the body of toxins, medications and lactic acid. It provides a sleep-deprived new mother with quality rest and a well-deserved break.

Further Steps

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During labour the body will function in one of two ways, either under the influence of the hormone oxytocin or the opposing ‘fight or flight’ hormone adrenalin. When women are fearful or anxious, adrenalin interferes with the natural processes of pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding. Massage, emotional support and relaxation releases oxytocin (‘the love hormone’) to facilitate an easier labour and a stronger bond with the newborn.

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