Pregnancy massage techniques

Swedish massage is an oil based massage promoting relaxation and circulation. Muscular tension and mental stress disappear with long, rhythmic strokes and gentle attention.

Stretching techniques promotes flexibility and deep breathing.

Deep tissue treats problem areas with deeper attention and frees up stiffness in the body.

Trigger point therapy releases chronically troubled areas by compressing specific points on muscles or connective tissue. Recommended post birth to treat muscle spasms, emotional stress or overexertion.

Lymphatic drainage helps clear fluid retention or ‘edema’ by a series of refined light strokes. Lymphatic functioning is closely related to the immune system.

Reiki is a non-invasive healing of the whole person by balancing the body’s energy system. The gentle laying of hands is perfect for those sensitive to massage pressure.

Reflexology unblocks energy pathways in the body by applying pressure to the reflex points found on the feet, hands. Can also be useful to encourage labor if ‘over due’.