”Germaine is a very experienced massage therapist. She is warm, passionate about her work and easy to be with.”
- Amy

“Germaine has a real gift for instructing infant massage. Germaine’s manner is soothing and accepting of sleep deprived and vulnerable new moms and dads. She creates a safe space to learn to massage our babies. She gently keeps the pace of the class moving while always keeping the babies care (fussiness, need to nurse etc.) first in mind.” - Patty

“Dear Germaine, You are always so calm and supportive, both when you helped us deliver our daughter Lola and when this time Vivi was born. You are an indispensable part of our “birth plan”! Thanks you so much for the massages, the wisdom and especially the loving strength you brought to our delivery. See you next time, right?!
- Charley

“Germaine is a wonderful professional doula. She was with me the whole time making sure I ate and drank. She helped me with labor positioning. Without her, my husband would have been lost! When the time came for pushing, she helped me direct me breath in order to conserve energy. I highly recommend her.”
- Coleen

“It has been a pleasure having Germaine at births! While my hands have been occupied with the tasks of midwifery, she has been able to offer hands-on care and words of encouragement to the laboring mother’s. They have greatly benefited from her strong support and gentle touch.
I have also watched her taking care of new families in the postpartum, offering guidance in the care of the new baby along with the care of the new mom while she recovers from the birth. Germaine is calm caring, responsible and conscientious, a great part of any birth team” - Nancy Myrick,