What to expect in pregnancy massage

At the beginning of a massage session, Germaine listens to her client’s individual needs or concerns. The environment is warm and secure and the focus is on relaxation. Some areas of the body may require deeper pressure using techniques such as ‘deep tissue’ or ‘trigger point release’. Germaine is sensitive to any discomfort experienced as painful massage is counter-productive for both mother’s and baby’s health.

Sufficiently supported by pillows and bolsters, the side-lying position is most comfortable during pregnancy. Studies have shown that side-lying minimizes strain/pressure on the womb encouraging optimal oxygen flow to the baby.

Massage with an experienced therapist is a wonderful therapy for women at all stages of pregnancy. With modifications it is safe in the first trimester, for those expecting twins or on bed-rest. Swedish and Lymphatic massage is recommended to clear anesthesia from cesarean surgery and boost recovery. For pregnant clients diagnosed with high-risk factors Germaine may liaise with client’s physician or midwife

Further Steps

Communicating the right depth of pressure is the only requirement during a massage session. | More Info.

Adopting a pressure scale between 1-10 is useful.
0 = pressure only
1 to 5 = pressure that feels good
6 to 7 = pressure perceived as mild discomfort which subsequently dissipates
8 to 10 = more pain than pleasure, becoming intolerable at 10
Germaine’s approach is to not exceed #7 on the pressure scale

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